Berlin is an exciting city!

But being also a vast one – it is not that easy to navigate.

With its string of world-class museums, its iconic sights and many architecturally and ethnically diverse neighbourhoods,

I consider having a private tour guide in Berlin quite simply essential …

… and I look forward to being yours!

Take a private guided tour in Berlin with an experienced expert:

tour-guide-berlin-english… guided walking tours in 3 languages:

(English, Francais, Deutsch). Take a private Berlin tour and discover Berlin with a local guide. My tours cover everything from the obvious Berlin highlights to those off-the-beaten-track places tourists rarely get to see!

… customized tours

you tell me what you’re interested in and what you’d like to see, and I’ll plan a tour that is tailored to your needs, interests and requirements and which will make your stay in Berlin unforgettable!

… additionally

I am also available for shopping tours where I, as your private guide, will assist you and translate for you during your shopping spree across Berlin

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About me, Martin Sauter.

Martin Sauter, German-born and raised, trilingual (English/ Deutsch/ Français), I have experienced the Fall of The Wall first hand. However, I have since lived in France and in the UK for 16 years, where I gained an MA and a PhD in Film Studies, before returning to Berlin some eight years ago.

I am very curious by nature, and no city could possibly be more of a challenge to the curious mind than Berlin as you come across the most unlikely sights and buildings in the most unlikely places. One of the things that make Berlin so unique and so unlike any other city that I know, is its abundance of architectural curiosities. Another one are the many lakes and parks and the sense of space which never make you feel that you’re in the middle of a vast city that has well-nigh 4 million inhabitants.

But surely the most characteristic phenomenon about Berlin, are the constant and seemingly never-ending changes this city undergoes, and has been undergoing for centuries, but at rapid speed since the Fall of The Wall. In fact, so fascinated by the city’s continuous change was I, that following my return to Berlin, I decided to turn my fascination with Berlin into my profession.

And thus, BERLIN-TOURS was born!

Special service

Please note, that as a special service to my customers, I provide restaurant/ bar/ hotel recommendations and will also take care of bookings, if requested.

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